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Lake District hostel saved after buy-out

9 March 2011 / Business / News

Tomorrow’s headline in The Westmorland Gazette newspaper.

Their copy says:

Taylor Nuttall, chief executive of Folly in Lancaster, has bought the hostel, which he intends to run with his wife, Carolyn.

“We have both been working independently doing different careers,” said Mr Nuttall.

“We talked about running a business together and, over the past few years, we have been looking at different properties in the Lake District.

“The youth hostel came through at the right time.”

Introducing the new owner of Thorney How

Carolyn had a Salford day, so was not available for the photo. She was so disappointed. Not.

Thanks WG for the PR exposure. The builders scaffolding is nicely edited out, but sadly not all the moss on the roof – another job still to finish. More here.

Old Thorney How

9 March 2011 / Hostelling / History

We’d love to hear from you if you have memories that you are willing to share about Thorney How. Thorney How has been part of the YHA for around 80 years prior to our taking over the hostel as an Independent Hostel in February 2011. We’re that sure there will be many happy memories and we hope to create many more in the future.

Thorney How postcard circa 1950s

Thorney How postcard circa 1950s

Here are some postcard images that we have found circa 1950′s. If you have any other photographs from Thorney How that you are willing to share with others please let us know.

Project Thorney How begins

6 March 2011 / Maintenance / Gardening / Project Thorney

We started tackling some of those nagging jobs this weekend such as dripping overflows, moss covered roof, planting out and general grounds upkeep.

Clearing the side access track

Clearing moss from off the entrance porch

Our daughter Emma also contributed to the weekend.

We’re tweeting #projectthorney occasionally mistyped as #projecthorney with ensuing jokes.

Announcing new website

26 February 2011 / Business / Website

In preparation for launching our new business and opening Thorney How at Easter 2011 we are very pleased to announce the first phase launch of our new website.

We are now ready to accept bookings for all dates from Friday 8th April 2011.

A full booking system is not yet available, but will be coming soon.


Web site development by WeMakeMedia

My Turn

22 February 2011 / Gardening

Feeling exhausted but happy to at last move into Thorney How. Taking unpacking one box at a time. I still need to find work shoes, walking trousers and oxo cubes.

Whilst not much time to sit back and relax I have managed a couple of walks around the garden snowdrops daffodils and bluebells are making an appearance its going to be a beautiful spring. It must be one of the few untouched gardens in the lakes- apart from the deer. Its going to be a challenge to maintain the natural beauty whilst making it accessible to our guests. Lots to think about but need to watch it for a while to see what other delights it has to offer.

New business cards on order

22 February 2011 / Business / Planning

Image taken by Phil Powell to go on the front of our business card

We had a mad rush last thing today to get our business cards ordered to be printed in time for Saturday’s Outdoor Leisure Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

Image taken by Phil Powell for back of business card

We were mainly waiting for confirmation of our new business phone line – 015394 35597 – but also for these great photo’s that Phil from WeMakeMedia took during his visit yesterday!

5th night at Thorney How

21 February 2011 / Business / Planning / Website

I can’t believe that we’ve been here 5 days already. There’s been so much to do and so many people passing through the house from removal men to friends and family along with visitors from Kentmere.

I think today that we can say that we have now moved and it’s all beginning to feel like our house and not somewhere that we’ve borrowed for the weekend.

We also started planning phase one of our website with Jo and Phil from – coming soon! Phil has sent through some great photographs – we’ll let you take a peek at these very soon.

We also now need to get some information out there about booking accommodation. Full business information will be available shortly.

Broadband and phones connected

19 February 2011 / Technical

We are connected to the outside world again and not just relying on our mobile phones anymore. This means we can now update these blog pages over the next few days.

I’m very happy that Plus Net were able to disable and reconnect our account to a new number within only a few hours. We seem to have a myriad of phone lines, security systems and fire alarms to get to grips with. Along with a huge selection of keys.

Tomorrow’s maintenance jobs will be clearing gutters and drains then back to sorting through and unpacking boxes of stuff. The snow we had this morning has quickly thawed, but the sky is still overcast. So we still hope to get out for a short walk with the dog too!

Officially New Owners

17 February 2011 / Business / News

We’ve finally done it!

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that:

The YHA owned Grasmere Youth Hostel (Thorney How) will become Thorney How Independent Youth Hostel under new ownership as of today.

Now the real work begins……

The exchange

16 February 2011

Just confirmed that we’ve exchanged, we will be getting the keys tomorrow. Spending today checking a few things out at the hostel and moving some furniture around.

The big move starts first thing tomorrow morning :)