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C-Art exhibition opening

14 September 2014 / Events / Arts / Culture / Exhibition

Jules Cadie will be at Thorney How on Friday 19th September. Come and see the exhibition, meet the artist, explore the woodland installations. Buy an artwork!

This special preview event will be from 4pm to 6pm. Drinks will be available from the bar plus light snacks.

You can stay and book a meal from 6.30pm. Accommodation is also available.

Jules Cadie - Submissive Trunk - installation at Thorney How

Jules has created a blog documenting his interventions and installation in the woodland at Thorney How.

Visit Wilderstudio Blog

Jules Cadie has collected together paintings, wooden structures, fleece, found elements and has brought these pieces together at Thorney How illustrating his fascination with the natural elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. His imagery represents the relationships between these four elements and their impact on the natural world through growth, development, decay and regeneration.

Thorney How is surrounded by the huge landscape of the Lake District, but Jules draws the viewers eye into the detail of root and rock, twig and fungi. There is a sense of wonder, yet also a very elemental hands on touch to his objects and painting that is both very accessible and marvelous.

C-Art is an annual countywide visual arts programme in Cumbria, focussing on Cumbrian Artists and locations and is co-ordinated by Eden Arts.

Over 150 artists, designers and independent galleries have opened their doors during the last 2 weeks of September to the public along with numerous art and craft workshops, demonstrations and special exhibitions taking place throughout the county.