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First lamb at Thorney How

8 April 2015 / News / Gardening / Project Thorney / Animals

Baby Doll Southdown Lamb

We have our first lamb. Born on Easter Sunday. We’re proud to be helping secure a future for the rare breed ‘The Original Southdown Sheep!

Southdown 'Baby Doll' Lamb

Our first small flock of Ewes arrived in July and after securing max our new Tup we kept our fingers crossed hoping for some lambs in April.

One of the oldest English breeds of sheep, the original and smaller Southdown breed was originally bred in the 1700’s – SouthDown Sheep
They are one of the oldest of the Down breeds. Known for extreme hardiness English farms kept these sheep both for good quality tasty meat and a very fine fleece.

Small BabyDoll Southdhown flock

Olde English Miniature Babydoll Southdown sheep are an ancient breed with happy teddy bear faces. They stand only 24 inches high with shorter stout legs.

To distinguish the original smaller sheep from the modern day larger Southdown’s they were named Olde English Babydoll Southdowns. The original blood line of the English Southdowns are the ‘Baby Doll’. These ‘Babydoll’ Southdown’s are recognised in Britain by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust as a native breed.

While these rare sheep continue to be bred and their numbers are improving, there are only about 300 Olde English Babydoll Southdown breeders worldwide.

We’re thrilled to be one of a very few flocks in the UK. We hope to bring you news of more lambs very soon!

Jules Cadie - C-Art Exhibition

7 September 2014 / Gardening / Events / Arts

Cumbria Artists Open Studios 13-28th Sept 2014
We are thrilled to be hosting another C-Art Open Studios Exhibition again this year.
Cumbria Artist, Jules Cadie will be transforming our dining room and reception gallery spaces with his paintings and wooden constructions along with an installation on the aptly named Thorney How, this is the rocky mound in our grounds after which the property is named.
See the C-Art gallery page here.

Jules Cadie Painting

Jules bases his work on direct observation of the natural environment, and for this occasion, from the strange and curious world of Thorney How, by fusing natural and synthetic pigments and materials.

The exhibition at Thorney How will feature paintings, handmade wooden artefacts and an ongoing installation with the grounds.

We will bring you updates as the work progresses and Jules will be blogging himself during the period of the exhibition.

You can visit his personal website here.

Visitors to the exhibition are welcome between 1pm and 9pm every day. Please ring our bell if you arrive before 3.30pm as the hostel will be closed to guests until then.

Project Thorney How begins

6 March 2011 / Maintenance / Gardening / Project Thorney

We started tackling some of those nagging jobs this weekend such as dripping overflows, moss covered roof, planting out and general grounds upkeep.

Clearing the side access track

Clearing moss from off the entrance porch

Our daughter Emma also contributed to the weekend.

We’re tweeting #projectthorney occasionally mistyped as #projecthorney with ensuing jokes.

My Turn

22 February 2011 / Gardening

Feeling exhausted but happy to at last move into Thorney How. Taking unpacking one box at a time. I still need to find work shoes, walking trousers and oxo cubes.

Whilst not much time to sit back and relax I have managed a couple of walks around the garden snowdrops daffodils and bluebells are making an appearance its going to be a beautiful spring. It must be one of the few untouched gardens in the lakes- apart from the deer. Its going to be a challenge to maintain the natural beauty whilst making it accessible to our guests. Lots to think about but need to watch it for a while to see what other delights it has to offer.