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Listing all posts with the category "Technical"

E-mail bouncing?

28 September 2012 / Technical

It seems that some but not all e-mail messages are getting through to us! We do not know why this is yet? Please be patient and try again or call us directly.

Our main e-mail for correspondence is

We understand that a few messages to us have bounced today. Whereas we have received several others and our own tests have arrived normally.

We apologise for any loss of service to you in this. If there is an urgent request, please call us directly by phone. We are available from around 8am through to 10.30pm, 7 days a week.

Green Service

6 July 2011 / Technical / Website

We’re very happy that our new hosting service is supplied by Green WebHost.

They say:

Sustainability is key:
(Not only being “Carbon Neutral”)
We were the UK’s first ISP to take this issue seriously.

If you’ve had any difficulties in contacting us via e-mail in the last few days we apologise. This should all now be fully resolved.

Credit card payments – so near

19 May 2011 / Business / Technical

After waiting four weeks at least (who’s counting?) we now have merchant account number so that we can receive payments via credit / debit card – yahay!

But the parcel that arrived only contained a manual card imprinting machine! Oh and lots of stickers to say that we can now take card payments from Visa, Mastercard etc.

But no hand terminal…..!!

Where is it? Does anyone know?

Oh yes, and we do have our FREE Team 2012 POS Kit – thanks Streamline

Phone system down! #projectthorney

18 May 2011 / Technical / News / Maintenance / Project Thorney

We apologise. Our inherited and ageing phone system has decided that it can no longer function.

Looks like a telephone system failure

We are advised that a Mr. Fix It wil be here on Friday with a solution.

Meanwhile, please e-mail or tweet @ThorneyHow

Broadband and phones connected

19 February 2011 / Technical

We are connected to the outside world again and not just relying on our mobile phones anymore. This means we can now update these blog pages over the next few days.

I’m very happy that Plus Net were able to disable and reconnect our account to a new number within only a few hours. We seem to have a myriad of phone lines, security systems and fire alarms to get to grips with. Along with a huge selection of keys.

Tomorrow’s maintenance jobs will be clearing gutters and drains then back to sorting through and unpacking boxes of stuff. The snow we had this morning has quickly thawed, but the sky is still overcast. So we still hope to get out for a short walk with the dog too!

Arboricultural Report

8 January 2011 / Business / Planning / Technical

One of the fun things about moving house and setting up a new business is all the extra things you need to learn about.

We’re big fans of lifelong learning and look forwards to the challenge. Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet up with some local landscape architects and in that discussion encountered a new phrase that relates to a piece of essential documentation that will help any intended planning application along; an Arboricultural Report.

Essentially this is a detailed tree survey showing existing tree species, age and any associated environmental factors. I’m guessing there a between one and two hundred trees scattered throughout the grounds. Some of these will be interesting – see photo below, others will be random self seeded varieties that will require thinning out.

Twisted tree at Thorney How, near to steps up to the mound.

I may need to upgrade my chainsaw skills and knowledge, but no doubt there will be some expert help along the way. Sadly I won’t be able to take my newly built wood store with me.