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Just a wee delay

31 January 2011 / Business

Ok so yes, we were being hopeful. It was going to be ‘One Week To Go’, but it’s looking like we will have a 10 day delay whilst we get things all in line with our respective buyer, seller and removal company. The 7th February target move date may now become the 17th February.

On the up side, that’s more time to arrange things and pack boxes. More time to prepare a fully detailed business plan. On the downside life gets more busy later in February and we want to build up to an Easter period of potential customers as the tourist season kicks in.

At least we’ve just had a great weekend away in Barlow and Sheffield with friends so we are feeling generally upbeat, if a little tired from all the party frolicking. Thanks Jo & Derek for your excellent hospitality.

Three week countdown?

16 January 2011

We’re now getting ready to move and are potentially on a 3 week countdown. If things go to plan we could be moving on the 7th February. Fingers crossed though as we head into the final stages that there aren’t too many complications to overcome.

Meanwhile we have boxes everywhere as we sort through the last 15 years of things including Emma’s, Julia’s and Laurie’s belongings that were stored in the loft.

Things will very probably be even worse at the other end for a few weeks whilst we get ourselves in order. We have several offers of help so we should be up to speed reasonably quickly.

Chaos and stuff everywhere - this would normally be our bedroom then!

But at least the loft space is clean and tidy.

Do we have a plan yet? All I can say is, is that it’s coming together!