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Coast to Coast in under 40 hours?

26 March 2013 / Charity / Coast To Coast / Guests / Running

James Thurlow certainly has a mission. In support of JDRF – a charity which funds research in Type 1 diabetes, James is running the Coast to Coast long distance footpath, east to west as fast as he can.

See how fast here:

A recent guest booked into the hostel for a one night stay in the wintry conditions of last weekend. He asked for an early checkout, as with all guests we usually try to find out a little about what brings them to Grasmere and what they are hoping to achieve during their stay.

James Thurlow

James’s story was an unusual one. James is planning to run the Coast to Coast, Wainright’s popular long distance path. As we are one the main outdoor visitor’s accommodation providers in Grasmere and located right by the Coast to Coast route we get a lot of walkers beating a trail to our door.

This year it is the 40th anniversary of the publication of Wainright’s Coast to Coast guide, so we are expecting more and more unusual activity this year. See The Wainright Society.

James himself has type 1 diabetes and is a regular outdoor sports event participant and runs his own business Open Adventure promoting Adventure Racing in the North of England and the rest of the UK.

You can help support his project to support research in Type 1 diabetes by donating to JDRF via the Just Giving page

His run from Grasmere to St Bees on Monday is recorded here

We wish him the very best of luck and we hope to see him again as he passes by in June.