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5th night at Thorney How

21 February 2011 / Business / Planning / Website

I can’t believe that we’ve been here 5 days already. There’s been so much to do and so many people passing through the house from removal men to friends and family along with visitors from Kentmere.

I think today that we can say that we have now moved and it’s all beginning to feel like our house and not somewhere that we’ve borrowed for the weekend.

We also started planning phase one of our website with Jo and Phil from – coming soon! Phil has sent through some great photographs – we’ll let you take a peek at these very soon.

We also now need to get some information out there about booking accommodation. Full business information will be available shortly.

The Water Test Results

2 February 2011

So this is what we’ve been waiting anxiously for.

The testing of our water supply at our current address in Kentmere. As the supply it is privately owned and drawn from a local stream we now have to meet certain regulations and prove that it is safe for human consumption. Enter SLDC Environment Protection Team.

Seemingly SLDC managed to sit on this results report for three days without doing anything.

In case you're wondering this says we're 100% clear

Can we get on with it and move house now please.

Two weeks to go

23 January 2011 / Business / Planning

Our house in Kentmere is already full of packed boxes yet we’ve still got so much to do.

The removal firm is now booked and we are hoping to get access to Thorney How a couple of days before hand to sort through stuff at that end and create some space for our own belongings before they arrive.

Meanwhile we have some business planning to do to ensure that we have everything in order. Carolyn and I will be entering into a business partnership and we will have to register the new business as Thorney How.

We’ve also been talking to many people in readiness for action as soon as we arrive such as setting up a new website, repairing the flat roof, doing a full site survey, preparing planning applications etc. etc.

One of the quirks of our bank finance was that we needed to demonstrate that Thorney How had Existing Use Registration allowing us to continue as a hostel and for us to live there. The Lake District National Park basically said that this was a no brainer as the YHA had operated there as a hostel since 1935 and had used the accommodation for their managers. The YHA have provided a statement to verify this and essentially the legal use cannot be challenged. The bank seems to be happy again now.

Next weekend we will be taking a short break away in Derbyshire, then we will be hopefully making final readiness for the move.

Last Xmas / New Year in Kentmere

3 January 2011

Christmas Tree at Old Forge Cottage 2010

This will be our last Christmas and New Year at Old Forge Cottage in Kentmere, this has been our family home for the last 15 years since we moved here in 1995.

We were very surprised, yet pleased to sell so quickly. We have loved living here very much and hope that the new owners enjoy it equally as much. As Wainright’s Outlying Fells Guide quote says; from Green Quarter it is “one of the most beautiful views in Lakeland”

See our Hackney & Leigh property details here.

We wish everyone a prosperous and happy new year in 2011.

Happy New Year everyone for 2011

New Year

1 January 2011 / Business / Jobs

So it feels like this is the start of something new. We’re very excited and not just a little daunted at the prospect of setting up in business. There seems to be so much to do.

But we still have to wait for all the legalities to conclude. Banks, lawyers, accountants, surveyors, architects, builders, landscapers and other advisers are all doing their thing right now. As soon as we have a firm move date we’ll let you know.

We’re thinking a lot about lifestyle, sustainability and a lot of hard work to be done, over and above our main jobs.

We’ll be hiring staff very soon and hopefully taking bookings from April!

Meanwhile we still have to pack up and say goodbye to Old Forge Cottage and all our Kentmere friends. This will be hard enough!

Welcome to the Thorney How Blog

31 December 2010

Hi, this is the start of a new blog initially charting our progress moving from Old Forge Cottage in Kentmere to Thorney How in Grasmere.

Two first steps:

  1. establishing this blog
  2. starting the major task of organising (and rationalising) all of our stuff.

We don’t have a move date yet. But we are expecting this to be early to mid February 2011.

We are the Nuttall family. Taylor, Carolyn and Laurie. Emma and Julia currently live away from home.