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First Family Visit

3 January 2011

We had our first family trip to Thorney How today. This was the first time that two of our daughters, Julia and Laurie had had the opportunity to look around and to get to know the house. After the New Year weekend there were no groups booked in so we had access to the whole property and grounds.

We were keen to find out what winter problems there had been – yes a few pipes burst and no rubbish collections. This was also a good opportunity to measure up a few important rooms, mainly those that we intend to use for our personal space.

I also wanted to get a good look around the grounds and to take some more photographs.

From Thorney How mound looking NW to Helm Crag

This was my favourite view standing on top of the rocky mound called Thorney How looking up and across to Helm Crag in the background beyond the house.

Heading back we stopped off in Ambleside for Cornish pasties and then went to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader in 3D at The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal as a family New Year cinema treat.

Last Xmas / New Year in Kentmere

3 January 2011

Christmas Tree at Old Forge Cottage 2010

This will be our last Christmas and New Year at Old Forge Cottage in Kentmere, this has been our family home for the last 15 years since we moved here in 1995.

We were very surprised, yet pleased to sell so quickly. We have loved living here very much and hope that the new owners enjoy it equally as much. As Wainright’s Outlying Fells Guide quote says; from Green Quarter it is “one of the most beautiful views in Lakeland”

See our Hackney & Leigh property details here.

We wish everyone a prosperous and happy new year in 2011.

Happy New Year everyone for 2011

New Year

1 January 2011 / Business / Jobs

So it feels like this is the start of something new. We’re very excited and not just a little daunted at the prospect of setting up in business. There seems to be so much to do.

But we still have to wait for all the legalities to conclude. Banks, lawyers, accountants, surveyors, architects, builders, landscapers and other advisers are all doing their thing right now. As soon as we have a firm move date we’ll let you know.

We’re thinking a lot about lifestyle, sustainability and a lot of hard work to be done, over and above our main jobs.

We’ll be hiring staff very soon and hopefully taking bookings from April!

Meanwhile we still have to pack up and say goodbye to Old Forge Cottage and all our Kentmere friends. This will be hard enough!