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Windblown Cumbria

6 February 2011 / News / Weather

Cumbria has weathered heavy winds and rain over the last few days.

See weather warning in the Westmorland Gazette

I got a chance to take a look around the grounds yesterday to check for any damage.

We have some tree damage and the whole site is waterlogged, much like the rest of the Lake District.

Trees down at Thorney How 4th February 2011


Arboricultural Report

8 January 2011 / Business / Planning / Technical

One of the fun things about moving house and setting up a new business is all the extra things you need to learn about.

We’re big fans of lifelong learning and look forwards to the challenge. Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet up with some local landscape architects and in that discussion encountered a new phrase that relates to a piece of essential documentation that will help any intended planning application along; an Arboricultural Report.

Essentially this is a detailed tree survey showing existing tree species, age and any associated environmental factors. I’m guessing there a between one and two hundred trees scattered throughout the grounds. Some of these will be interesting – see photo below, others will be random self seeded varieties that will require thinning out.

Twisted tree at Thorney How, near to steps up to the mound.

I may need to upgrade my chainsaw skills and knowledge, but no doubt there will be some expert help along the way. Sadly I won’t be able to take my newly built wood store with me.