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Listing all posts for the month of "November 2011"

Recent guests Sakhioba sing the Rydal Caves

29 November 2011 / Events / Arts / Culture / Guests

On their day off from their UK tour, our Georgian guests find time for some rehearsal in an unusual location and an impromptu audience. We love the acoustics and the dog barking at the end.

“Sakhioba were visiting the Lake District and after a walk through the hills from Grasmere we came to Rydal Caves where they sang. We gathered our audience on the way – mostly a school party from Swindon who were staying in a hostel at Coniston.” David Burbage,

Beer of the month – Thirst Noel

25 November 2011 / News / Food

The first of our new Beer’s of the Month is Thirst Noel from the Keswick Brewery

Thirst Noel from the Keswick Brewery

Obviously this is a seasonal offering and is tailored towards dark evenings by a warm snug fire.

They say:

‘A Dark Rich Malty Christmas Ale. Made using a combination of five malts and a blend of traditional and spicy hops’ – A Dark Rich Christmas Ale ABV6%

Drink Britain Website says:

‘Fantastically aromatic, with violets, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, it’s incredible to think that this all comes from the blend of hops. The palate sports a complex mix of dark roasted malts, with vanilla coffee flavours, spicy fruitcake, and bitter coffee on the finish.

We’re in casserole country here. Or rich tangy cheeses. Or a log fire. Or a cold night…’

It might be a bit too sweet for some, but then this is a beer for Christmas. Very easy drinking with a gentle kick. We’ll try and get some additional customer feedback. Then I’m off to try another new beer. It’s a tough job and someone’s got to do it.

Impromptu culture enhancing your stay

16 November 2011 / Arts / Culture

It’s great that we have had so many cultured visitors over the last few months all adding an extra something to the social ambience of an independent hostel.

This can bring an unexpected extra element to an evening spent here. Our piano in particular is often put to good use, both instrumental and with vocals. We’ve been very impressed at the talent coaxing life out of our out of tune piano.

We’ve had several artists staying with us including Mark America undertaking a research leg in Cumbria as part of his development for a new mobile phone film project to be aired at Abandon Normal Devices in 2012.

Also poets courtesy of The Wild Women Press preparing for their Naked Muse Calendar in aid of the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)

Michael J Smith

Also a group of musicians from Holland here in the UK to play music by and in memory of Michael J Smith inspired by Wordsworth’s ‘The Prelude’.

Plus The Sakhioba Ensemble a traditional folk and church choir from Georgia (The Eastern European one).