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Listing all posts for the month of "July 2014"

No Man Is An Island

16 July 2014 / Charity / Events / Walks / Arts / Music

No Man Is An Island
Thorney How – Friday 18th July – 8.30pm




Along the walk I’ll be staging free, mini-gigs with a talk running between the songs. Although my songs are not overtly about mental health, they do link with themes I’ll be covering in the talk and there’ll be time for discussion afterwards. A couple of the events will also feature some guests, playing music and adding special themes to the evening.

No Man Is An Island - Poster

Featuring at Thorney How on Friday 18th July – 8.30pm

Another exciting bit of news is that Frank Turner has offered to shout about this project on twitter and facebook to all his fans. He’s also been kind enough to suggest one of his songs for me to play at the gigs. To find out which one… you’ll have to come along.

All events are taking place in Cumbria, northwest England, July 2014.

Website with further information

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Pom Poko - This Week's Film

11 July 2014 / Events / Arts / Film

Film Screening Thursday 17th July at 8.00pm

Join us for the second of four monthly film screenings celebrating Japanese cinema, in conjunction with The Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere.

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Pom Poko (1994), 119 minutes [PG]
Director: Isao Takahata
Language: English

An animated fantasy film that, consistent with Japanese folklore, focuses on a community of highly sociable and magical shape-shifting raccoons. Desperate to prevent their forest home from being destroyed by urban development, they form a resistance with disastrous consequences.

Pom Poko - Film Poster

As the human city development encroaches on the raccoon population’s forest and meadow habitat, the raccoons find themselves faced with the very real possibility of extinction. In response, the raccoons engage in a desperate struggle to stop the construction and preserve their home.

Pom Poko Film Poster 2

Food served from 7.00pm. Screenings start at 8.00pm

Price: £9.50. including a BBQ supper – paid up Meetup – Grasmere Movie Night group members £8.00

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More information here – Pom Poko IMDB