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What we / you like for breakfast: research

Breakfast Research

This is part of an ongoing plan to investigate what is on offer in the UK for breakfast. Running a business that is centred on good customer service will need to be sensitive to individual needs where breakfast is concerned.

The research methodology will include:

reviewing what is on offer elsewhere e.g. through online search

sampling other catering menus

crowdsourcing ideas – that’s via you guys

feedback from customers

Today I had the opportunity to try out Morrison’s breakfast menu. It’s a job, someone’s got to do it!

!/perch/resources/1333616367-20110104-131754-.jpg(Menu items on offer for Breakfast at Morrisons’s)!

Morrison’s Breakfast Notes 4th Jan 2011

Process for obtainaing meal: Select meal choice, place food order (order number card given), pay for meal and any additional drinks, collect own cutlery etc. from central hub, sit at table with drink and wait for the meal to be delivered (generally a full order is delivered together).

The meal that I tried was a Traditional Breakfast comprising of:

  • 2 x fried eggs
  • 2 x rashers of bacon
  • 2 x slices of toast
  • serving of beans

The meal cost £3.29 plus £1.09 for a coffee = Total £4.38

Yes, this is cheap, but I would not recommend it. The toast was a superfluous texture contributing nothing to the meal. The eggs were fine. The bacon was undercooked and cold. The beans were beans.

A neighbouring table complained twice about undercooked eggs and they were eventually given a refund. This made me think how do you establish how well done different customers like their eggs, bacon etc. ?

Please let us know below what makes a good breakfast from your experience and where you’ve had this? At home is not allowed :)

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