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Lots of things to do #projectthorney

Planning Project Thorney

Well we’re certainly in the thick of it now. There are so many Project Thorney things going on at once it’s sometimes hard to think about them all.

We’ve had our site survey, arboricultural report and initial landscape designs done.

We have some new sign designs prepared and our new website is nearly ready.

Our architect is busily measuring up spaces to transfer data into a 3D model.

Our new credit card system is about to arrive. Yay.

The fire alarm and security lighting has all been tested.

The builder will be back to look at our drain system and a new carpet will arrive later this week.

Plus we passed our Cumbria Quality inspection….!

Meanwhile we’ve hoovered, cleaned, cooked breakfasts, changed beds, mowed the lawns and answered phone calls and e-mails.

Thank you to everyone who has been here so far and made it all worthwhile.

Thorney How and Grasmere Bunkhouse | guest accommodation privately owned and managed by Taylor and Carolyn Nuttall since 2011.