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Update on build progress Dec 12

Build Works Project Thorney

Prior to work starting with snow on the ground in December 2012.

!/perch/resources/1356113539-annexebeforephoto-w700h700.jpg(Before work started in the snow Dec 2012)!

Digging in the snow with a hired digger.

!/perch/resources/digging-in-the-snow-small-w700h700.jpg(Digging in the snow)!

We had to remove a large old tree stump. Very surprisingly it came out easily.

!/perch/resources/1356113764-removing-a-very-old-tree-stump-smaller-w700h700.jpg(Removing tree stump.)!

After some time we found that we had made a hole in the ground. This is where the new plant room and fuel store will be built.

!/perch/resources/hole2annexe-w700h700.jpg(First view of hole)!

Colours in the rock, typical of Grasmere slate.

!/perch/resources/hole4annexe-w700h700.jpg(Second view of hole)!

Work temporarily halted just before Christmas as digger pneumatics failed.

!/perch/resources/digger-in-the-sun-w700h700.jpg(Digger sitting idly in the sunshine.)!

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