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Update on build progress Jan 13

Build Works Project Thorney

It all started the morning after our New Year guests left the premises.

The bunk beds have been dismantled:

!/perch/resources/dismantledbunkssm-w700h700.jpg(Dismantled bunk beds)!

The Annexe dorms have been cleared:

!/perch/resources/emptyannexesm-w700h700.jpg(Empty Annexe dorms)!

The builders have already moved in:

!/perch/resources/thebuildershavemovedinsm-w700h700.jpg(Builders moved into the Annexe)!

The electrical strip out is in progress:

!/perch/resources/electricalstripoutcommencessm-w700h700.jpg(Electrical strip out commences)!

We’ve cleared the loft space above where our new shower block will be built:

!/perch/resources/weve-emptied-the-loftsm-w700h700.jpg(We’ve emptied the loft)!

So the dining room is in chaos:

!/perch/resources/diningroomchaossm-w700h700.jpg(Dining room chaos)!

Meanwhile outside building works preparations are coming together:

!/perch/resources/1357496989-inreadinessforbuildtostartsm-w700h700.jpg(Building works preparations ready)!

The site is prepared for the first foundations to be laid:

!/perch/resources/sitepreparedsm-w700h700.jpg(Foundations site prepared)!

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