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Build Works Project Thorney

The old Annexe becomes the new Grasmere Bunkhouse

The new corridor is being formed, door openings to rooms and shower block. !/perch/resources/corridordooropeningssm-w700h700.jpg(corridor door openings formed)!

Showing the full length of the corridor. Four new 4 person bunk rooms. !/perch/resources/corridoropenings2sm-w700h700.jpg(corridor room openings formed)!

2 extra toilets. OK you need to use your imagination a bit. !/perch/resources/roomformingsm-w700h700.jpg(rooms taking shape)!

This will be the new shower block entrance with 3 showers and a further toilet. !/perch/resources/doorfromshowerroomsm-w700h700.jpg(establishing shower room door)!

A new ceiling for the shower room has had to built, extra storage space above. !/perch/resources/new-ceiling-rafters-for-shower-blocksm-w700h700.jpg(new shower room ceiling)!

The old door (green) is about to go. The new opening will now give access to from the western side of the Bunkhouse. !/perch/resources/newexternalaccesssm-w700h700.jpg(new shower room external access)!

Blocks ready for the new plant room build. !/perch/resources/blockssm-w700h700.jpg(blocks for construction delivered)!

First concrete delivery. !/perch/resources/concrete-delivery-number-1sm-w700h700.jpg(Concrete delivery number 1)!

Our technical solution to pouring the concrete down a 3m drop. !/perch/resources/concrete-pouring-3sm-w700h700.jpg(Concrete pouring 3)!

It’s all flowing smoothly, and the rig is still standing despite the weight. !/perch/resources/concrete-pouring-1sm-w700h700.jpg(Concrete pouring 1)!

Getting a good even distribution. Our biomass boiler plant room will be standing here soon. !/perch/resources/concrete-pouring-2sm-w700h700.jpg(Concrete pouring 2)!

Almost done and no snow today. !/perch/resources/the-new-foundationssm-w700h700.jpg(The new foundations)!

A bit of spare cement will do niceley to help along the new disabled access to the front door and reception. !/perch/resources/1359928143-disabledaccesssm-w700h700.jpg(New disabled access)!

Thorney How and Grasmere Bunkhouse | guest accommodation privately owned and managed by Taylor and Carolyn Nuttall since 2011.