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Build Works Project Thorney Sustainability

The arrival of the new boiler is a major event.

!/perch/resources/1363531907-picking-up-the-new-boilersm-w700h700.jpg(picking up the boiler)!

It’s ready to be unwrapped. Is it Christmas?

!/perch/resources/is-that-a-boilersm-w700h700.jpg(Is that our new boiler?)!

Blimey that looks a bit scary. The access is a little narrow, but this Telehandler driver seems to know what he is doing.


Like I said it’s a tight squeeze.

!/perch/resources/seems-a-tight-fitsm-w700h700.jpg(its a tight fit)!

It’s finally there. Phew!

!/perch/resources/1363531963-boiler-in-its-new-placesm-w700h700.jpg(boiler in new place)!

Next is the 2000 litre hot water storage tank.

!/perch/resources/1363531988-water-storagesm-w700h700.jpg(water storage next)!

Just pop it down there will you please?

!/perch/resources/1363532007-water-tank-2sm-w700h700.jpg(water storage delivered)!

Setting up the boiler and water storage tanks. This may take a few days.

!/perch/resources/1363532029-boiler-setting-upsm-w700h700.jpg(new boiler set up)!

Our hot water will be delivered to the main building via some highly insulated underground pipework through this trench.

!/perch/resources/pipework-trenchsm-w700h700.jpg(heating pipework trench)!

This is what the pipework looks like.

!/perch/resources/undergroundheatingpipesm-w700h700.jpg(underground pipe work)!

Our new entrance to the Bunkhouse. Preparing the ground.

!/perch/resources/entrance-foundation-underwaysm-w700h700.jpg(preparing the new entrance)!

Ready to pour concrete to make the base for the entrance porch.

!/perch/resources/ready-for-concretesm-w700h700.jpg(ready for concrete)!

Some more concrete delivered.

!/perch/resources/concrete-deliveredsm-w700h700.jpg(concrete delivered)!

The new foundations are laid.

!/perch/resources/1363532203-entrance-porch-foundation-laidsm-w700h700.jpg(foundations laid)!

This is the first layout of the 3 new shower stalls in our unisex shower room.

!/perch/resources/new-shower-stallssm-w700h700.jpg(the shower stalls are formed)!

Further progress with the shower room.

!/perch/resources/shower-room-buildsm-w700h700.jpg(shower room build)!

Our new underfloor heating for the shower room. Yay!

!/perch/resources/shower-room-underfloor-heatingsm-w700h700.jpg(under floor heating)!

Thorney How and Grasmere Bunkhouse | guest accommodation privately owned and managed by Taylor and Carolyn Nuttall since 2011.