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Sustainability 2018 part 2

Sustainability 2018 part 2

by Taylor Nuttall Business Guests Project Thorney Sustainability

As custodians of the natural environment that surrounds them, Taylor and Carolyn wish to share and have guests embrace their passion to be keepers and restorers of the environment, doing their bit as a legacy for generations to come.

We asked our current guests and followers on social media what they thought through a very short guest attitudes survey.

You can still contribute to this survey here:

Click to take part in a very quick 2 minute survey.

Results at 22nd February 2018

Our initial results show very positive feedback and strongly expressed concerns for the environment and the need for better approaches to sustainability.

100% extremely (58%) or very (42%) committed to sustainability as a big idea 92% extremely (20%) or very (72%) committed to sustainability as say to day actions

100% indicated they were willing to or would try to help us to save energy, water and help us to recycle during their stay (72% of course, 28% I’ll try)

76% felt that Green Tourism was highly likely to be an important feature when choosing accommodation in the future (24% very high, 52% high, 24% medium).

Areas that most respondents were already making changes in their own lifestyle habits (80% or higher): Recycling, saving energy, buying locally.

Areas that some respondents were already making changes in their own lifestyle habits (50% to 80%): Saving water, growing own food.

Areas that least respondents were already making changes in their own lifestyle habits (less than 50%): Using renewable energy, cutting down travel, using public transport, using a low carbon emmission vehicle.

57% rated Thorney How as excellent (19%) or very good (38%) in relation to sustainability. With 29% respondents stating that they did not know how to respond.

Comments added to survey by respondents:

The way towards sustainability is to change the systems that people habitually rely upon, rather than to expect individuals to change systems over which they have no control, in their role as ‘consumers’. So anything that you can do to make the green choice the easy and natural one is great. Make the unsustainable choices more difficult or expensive!

If more people tried to be greener then the planet would be happier and we would be healthier. Pollution has entered the food chain and we are killing ourselves slowly. Sustainability is something we should all strive to achieve.

I admire and support organic growing, sustainability and recycling and especially where a business strives to attain excellence in this. It is hard to achieve as an individual and surely, more so if you are running a business which must make a profit in order to be viable. I wish you well Thorney How and hope to visit during 2018 again.

Not easy to achieve without compromising guest holidaying experience and comfort but willing to participate

Sustainability as in - environmental and financial? Basically sustainability (both criteria) is about valuing the living planet - all life forms and energy systems - by being mindful of everything we do, the impact of our actions along with changing our attitudes and values, particularly in relation to wealth. Sustainability is the single most urgent commitment we need to make - now - in this very moment. It just takes action in this moment to create transformation. I welcome whole heartedly your commitment to sustainability in your mission, money and model of delivery. I may just make it up there to tread the hills at some point too!

Not so much a Good Thing as absolutely essential.

It is not only the thoughtful and responsible it it the ONLY way forward to protect our planet.

Public transportation is important, should be more public bicycles in the train station. Lake District is really a very amazing place.

Solar panels?

Every little bit helps and everyone can contribute without too much thought

Would love to know more about how TH will continue to develop its Sustainability approach.

Plant-based foods are an essential element.

Keep going and good luck.

One of the most important issues of our time.

Free range hens and ducks

Set in the idyllic heart of the English Lake District, a National Park and now of World Heritage Status, Thorney How seeks to undertake activities in 2018 that will strengthen its environmental credentials. As a key focus for Thorney How, all business decisions and activities flow from the core brand philosophy of putting the environment first.

Things that we are already doing include:


Biomass Heating System.

LED lighting and automatic lighting where applicable.

Switching off equipment and lights – e.g. fridges, dehumidifiers.

Theromostat controls for heating managed by staff.

Reducing heating when not in use.

Using a sustainable electricity supplier – Ecotricity.

Using green web hosting services - GreenWebHost.


Eco Shower Heads.

Eco washing machine.

Half flush toilet cisterns.

Auto turn on / off taps.

Water collection for livestock.

No selling of water in bottles, fresh tap water available in all areas and from outside of building.


Careful management of food production minimising food waste.

Encouraging guests to pre-order food reducing guesswork and food production wastage.

Recycling all packaging. Negotiating packaging with key suppliers.

Easy access to recycling points for all guests.

Re-using food cartons.

Re-using paper waste.

Using second hand equipment.

Using second hand furniture.

Recycling – shredded paper for ducks / hen bedding.

Manure from sheep / ducks / hens for garden food production.

Wood burning stoves – all building materials recycled & used for kindling, using own wood from tree damage / felling.

Wood ash used for garden.

Waste & recycled building materials used for sheep shelter, wood stores.

All other materials re-used wherever possible.

High efficiency electric hand driers instead of paper hand towels.

Using recycled paper.

Signage indicating fresh drinking water – limiting use of bought plastic bottles (none sold on premises).

Sustainable transport

Electric car charging points,

Bike Hire.

Encouraging guests to car share.

Promoting walking.

Promoting public transport.

Minimising own business travel – using hybrid vehicle.

Promoting Drive Less See More campaign.

Offers promoted via public transport marketing.

Local Community Support

We actively support the following:

Mountain Rescue.

Fix the Fells (The Lake District Foundation).

The Cumbria Wildlife Trust Ltd (Red Squirrels).

We also promote weekly film screenings free to the local community.

Lamb sourced from local farmer.

Many other products and services sourced locally and from within the region.

Encouraging wildlife / nature

Careful management of land including natural habitats supports frequent red and roe deer visitors, red squirrels, many species of wild birds, dragonflies, frogs, toads, slow worms, and various bat species.

Bird and bat boxes installed.

Free range hens and ducks.

Rare breed sheep – Old English Southdown (Babydolls) until 2017 – looking to restock with a different breed in 2018.

Food production

Fresh free range eggs.

Garden produce, vegetables, herbs, fruit.

Polytunnel to extend growing season.

Renovation work

As we progress to the other and older parts of Thorney How as part of our long term renovations we are beginning to try out heritage materials such as lime mortar, breathable clay paints and learning new skills as we go.

Lime mortar around new office door.

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