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Lockdown ups and downs

Lockdown ups and downs

by Taylor Nuttall Animals Business Gardening Grasmere Maintenance Sustainability COVID-19


Since the 17th March 2020 we have had the most unusual situation of receiving no guests and have been following the Government’s lockdown and social distancing guidelines exactly. It has been a very strange and unsettling time for everyone, we will all have our own lockdown stories to tell and we share our sympathies with those for whom this period has brought the biggest distress of all.

Our normal seasonal staff recruitment did not take place so we find that the building is very quiet with only the occasional interaction with passing local residents and the postman. Our trips out beyond the garden gate have been limited to the local store and a lesiurely circular walk taking in our immediate surroundings.

Easedale Sunset

Grasmere is beautiful

We are of course very fortunate to be in such beautiful surroundings with views of the fells, birds in the trees and all the other wildlife that visits us. We continue undertaking daily correspondence with guests. Thank you for all the support and best wishes that we have received. Mostly we have been able to re-allocate bookings that should have occured whilst we have been closed to later in the year or postponed until 2021. There have inevitably also been cancellations and his has been the most dispiriting of chores, but we do hope that many of these guests will book with us again at some point in the future.

We will post a separate blog posts about plans going forwards as soon as we are able to.

Maintenane Work

Annual maintenance tasks

We have been taking advantage of the unusually good April weather to carry out some of our annual maintenance tasks ensuring that the building is being kept in good order.

Our windows have been getting a fresh coat of paint, the roof has been cleared of moss, our outbuildings, gutters and drains have been checked over and we have been carrying out our annual weed control measures.

Vegetable PlotVegetable PlotPolytunnel

Fruit and vegetables

One of our key aims for sustainability is to try and grow and produce as much eggs, vegetables, fruit and herbs as we can to supply the kitchen. Whilst we are not producing meals in large quantities at the mnoment, we still wish to work the garden as hard as we can. Eggs have been in abundance, so many in fact that we have been happily passing these on to local residents, the postman and others where we can.

Seedlings of all kinds are now growing well and here are a great many small flowers emerging on the fruit bushes, trees and the soft fruits that we have. Any of our excess produce can be stored in our freezers for later use.

Spring Lamb

Rare breed sheep

Our small flock of sheep has now produced 3 lambs, two tups and one ewe. We keep Ouessant sheep, a smaller rare breed of sheep originating from Ushant in France. It is one of the northern European short-tailed sheep group of breeds, a type ubiquitous in northern Europe up to Roman times, but which now survives only in a few places. We have 3 ewes, on of last year’s Tup lambs and so far two new Tup lambs this year.

Next steps

As soon as we have more information about plans to ease the lockdown in the UK we will publish how Thorney How will be managing it’s bookings going forwards. Meanwhile if you do have any questions please do e-mail us and we will respond as quickly as we are able. The phone in the office is not being manned at this time so please do use e-mail only.

Stay safe and well, the hills will still be here. We look forwards to welcoming you back to Grasmere. Taylor & Carolyn

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